Funke Fatomilola

Life is vanity, so says the Ecclesiastes but in it, humans are able to create values to bring sanity into our world.

The big question is, what is happening to us?

The Kamar which engulfs us and seems to swallow us up is because our values have been trodden down, our pride has been swept under carpet.

The people in the time of Amos in the Bible should sue our adults for social injustice and false religion which rampages our land for theirs was a child play. Right now, not only the rich oppresses the poor, the poor has found dubious ways of oppressing the rich and their counterparts. The order has been turned upside down! Our values which should be our pride have turned to our shame! It’s a pity!

No mercy but miscarriage of Justice

No righteousness but a fake spiritualist who extorts and exploits the poor and the needy.

 Young adults too jumpy want what takes years to gather in a jiffy. What happened to WAITING?.

Lad’s charges for running errands. The downtrodden that should be pitied and helped spits venoms.

What about commercial corruption, trade malpractices and all forms of malpractices in all spheres of our lives just because justice has turned into ‘wormwood’

The most annoying part is that nobody dare speak against the rape of   injustice. if you truly value your life, you seal your lips.

Our corridors of power has turned into den of robbers! To serve mankind now if to serve your pockets and masses celebrates what should be despised! What a shame!

 ‘The heart of my society is desperately wicked, who can know it ‘?

Little wonder there are endless cycles of intrusion and invasion evils which threaten our existence, which seems to swallow us up, but in all, when man disrupt the plans of God, His wrath is felt as midst covers the mountains and  it flows as  ceaseless rivers. When He (God) is pacified, His mercy stays and peace abounds!

May God the Maker and the Sustainer visit us again. May His love permeate us and cover us as water cover the sea!

Let God’s sovereignty be felt again