The significance of peaceful coexistence in a multi-ethnic and multi-religious society like Nigeria cannot be overemphasized.

Peaceful coexistence is possible if we are committed and sincere with our intentions

This we can only achieve as a people by aligning our words with actions by actively engaging in peace-building activities. “We need to ‘walk the talk’ if we want to achieve lasting peace.

Incidentally, youths are often used as agents of crisis.

Hence the relevance of the golden topic, PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE AND HARMONY; CATALYST TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF THE NATION to admonish and motivate ourselves to become champions of peace in Nation’s Development.

Defending religious freedom
Establishing or joining peace movements (Where it already exists)
Refraining from sharing fake news and
Promoting love and mutual respect.

No doubt, these steps will lead to a Peaceful and Developed Nigeria.

Sorrowfully and Disgracefully, the underground voices and powers behind most unrests, maiming and killing which destabilizes the Peace of Nigeria are ELITS ……Bi aye ba toju agba baje, aimowa hu awon agba ni.
But we must also state clearly here that the population of these agents of darkness is infinitesimal……..Sad enough, Opo Egungun to ye ko maa rin nihoho …………….

Therefore, It is pertinent to state clearly here that “We cannot sit idly by and watch our future destroyed by the so-called elite. We should not allow ourselves to be used as tools to harm one another.”

Peace and Nation Development are Siamese/conjoined twins interconnection between peace and sustainable development transcends into ideologies and boundaries of positive thoughts and reasoning the growth of any nation, Nigeria in particular.

No nation develops in isolation, hence the need for global cooperation and education as key tools in promoting peace.

Therefore by gathering together like this and anywhere else we find ourselves, the onus is on us to keep educating ourselves and future generations about tolerance, empathy and the value of diversity in order to break the cycle of hatred and prejudice.” This we can achieve by investing in PEACE as individual, group and by extension as a nation

This is where collaborative efforts of Religious leaders comes in to achieve tangible peace-building results. …..PEACE IN SAKI ON MY MIND……………….

Perhaps, we can start thinking on organizing PEACE CONFERENCE among the Leaders of the 3 Religious worshipers to foster unity and harmony in our communities and promote peace in Nigeria.

Living together in peace rather than in constant hostility, no doubt will promote National Development in all ramifications. Economy, Security, Social life, Tourism, Inter religious and inter tribal marriage and so on.

Nigeria is a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse country. This is a country where peace seems rather like a dream for us to accomplish. There have been constant destructions, fights and wars. Sad enough, other than hunger; which is orchestrated by high level of poverty in the land, Religious misbelieve have been fingered on the major cause of Unrest in Nigeria……

Unfortunately, those behind this atrocities are not known anywhere near the cradle of the two major religion – Israel and Saudi Arabia …….Isn’t that funny!!!

The cause of this has been due to the activities evil men who have consistently taken undue advantage of the endemic ethnic biases or religious bigotries in the society to perpetrate their evil agenda. It is not only the fault of the government but the people as well who are equally corrupted. The stress in Nigeria has brought in a lot of concern world-wide and many countries are willing and trying to help, but till date there has been no major effect. This simply means WE MUST ALL WORK FOR PEACE AND PEACEFUL COEXISTENCE IN NIGERIA FOR OUR NATION TO DEVELOP.

Nigeria, a country of about 250 divergent ethnic groups which is the seventh most populous in the world and the first in the African continent with more than 200 million people, is often referred to as ‘African Giant’ because of  its ample opportunities.

It is a fact that there is no developed country that reached where it is today without encountering challenges. Nigeria is on the verge of development and therefore, not shielded from challenges of insecurity, recession, secession agitations and host of others that are marring the relative peace. Living peacefully despite differences is the first step in making dreams true.

HOW DID WE GET HERE/ Factors that contribute to lack of peace
Bad leadership – This is the bane of Nigeria Problem shortly after independence till date
citizens become easily manipulated when those on leadership mantles are not bringing succor to sufferings or executing projects that directly touch lives.
Absence of patriotism in the hearts of leaders and the led retard developments while unfulfilled campaign promises by elected leaders make citizens turn against them. Agreeing to live peacefully together prolongs a strong bond that no external or internal aggressions could break.

Lack of Job Opportunities – This Brews idleness.
Booming idleness by the youths who are referred to as the strength of every nation is a big threat to national security and peace. Annually, there are roughly over hundred thousand students that graduate from higher institutions but sadly continue roaming around without engaging in any tangible work. ……..An idle hand an adage says is devil’s workshop………..

Benefits of Peaceful Coexistence
The benefits of peaceful coexistence to all could never be over-emphasized as it touches all, ranging from businesses, farming. Note that government can not provide social amenities if projected areas are not in peace. Peace paves way for speedy development and mutual living; it is true that citizens enjoy more when they are in peace than during wars.

The rate of criminality will be less when people cohabit peacefully with one another; peaceful coexistence makes criminal elements have no hiding place for their actions and have no choice than to repent.

Absence of peace triggers violence which starts from an individual through conflicting behaviors that is often caused by other people’s actions and attitudes; it ends at bringing chaos to doorsteps, Hence the need for peaceful coexistence

Mutual respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, mutual non-aggression, non- interference in each other’s internal affairs, equality and mutual benefit.

It allows us to create a more empathetic and understanding community where we can reach agreements and solve problems more efficiently, enhance togetherness in maintaining harmony of living, preventing communal conflict, and resolving conflict together and by extension develop our Nation.

Most of the developed countries in the world have reach where they are today because they strived and tolerated one another by living in peace. Peace attracts foreign investors and companies to establish their branches, which would boost the economy because of tax and other levies at borders. If peace prevails, all would work together to bring about economic, political and social developments.

UNFORTUNATELY, we have no other country to go and claim as our home apart from Nigeria. God is awesomely aware of our religious, tribal, racial and other divergences but He still created us all in the same geographical location in order to embrace one another and progress.


By joining Politics – Romans 13-1…….
Voting rightful candidates during elections by virtue of qualities not based on similarities or sentiments.
Building courage to constantly reminding our leaders of their promises and assisting the government by protecting social amenities from vandals.
Any individual or groups of people that have complain or any form of aspiration should channel it to authorities in a peaceful and diplomatic manner not through violence.

Governments should encourage participation of all citizens in the decision making; this could be through referendum which would broaden and strengthen cordial understanding between both.
The government too should listen to all complains and act fairly without bias.
Where exists, government should identify and deal with root causes of crises in the land, rather than applying cosmetic approach to identified problems.
Rather than distributing money to deceive citizens into ending poverty, government should create more jobs
Government should shun frivolous spending on what doesn’t translate to well being and good living standard of the citizens.

Peace and peaceful coexistence are as important as breathing to humans and animals without which all would be dead; and Like I mentioned earlier, THERE CANNOT BE DEVELOPMENT ANYWHERE WITHOUT PEACE, being Siamese twins!!!!!!!

I hereby Challenge all Moslem faithful here to (Qur’an Suuratul  Aal-i-Imraan 3: Verse 103)



“And hold firmly to the rope of Allah all together and do not become divided. And remember the favor of Allah upon you – when you were enemies and He brought your hearts together and you became, by His favor, brothers. And you were on the edge of a pit of the Fire, and He saved you from it. Thus does Allah make clear to you His verses that you may be guided.”

And Christians, Hebrew 12:14
Follow Peace with all Men and Holiness, without which No man shall see the Lord.

Therefore, to achieve Peaceful Coexistence, which will herald the much needed and anticipated Development in Nigeria, Let us all be determined to:

Put God in His place
Put Satan/Devil in his place
WE as Human, Let us Maintain our place.

Thank You

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