Platform Capital Chairman, Dr. Akintoye Akindele Is Innocent Of Allegations By The Late MKO Abiola Family

…How Their Plans To Take Over His Refinery Has  Failed!

Facts have emerged on some allegations levelled against the serial entrepreneur and Chairman of Platform Capital, Dr. Akintoye Akindele, bordering on fraudulent diversion of payment of crude oil supplied to Duport Midstream Company Limited.

Akindele was recently and Invited by the men of the Nigeria Police Force on the claims by some aggrieved partners on allegation of misappropriation of millions of dollars of the company’s funds. These partners had tried to get an Injunction in court but their case had been thrown out and they were accused of misrepresentation of facts to the court. They are now using the same misrepresentation that the court threw out to the get the police to intimidate and bully Dr. Akindele into given up his shares in Duport.

Meanwhile, checks by this online medium revealed that Dr Akintoye Akindele is not a fraudster but being witch-hunted by his persecutors and mischievous elements in the company including one Dr Wura Abiola, Her Sister Mrs Mobolaji kuku, Tosin Odusanya, and other conspirators.

This medium can report that one of the shareholders of the company, Tosin Odusanya, who happens to be one of Dr Akindele’s foes, was linked to an alleged subsidy fraud during the regime of former Nigerian President, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

It was discovered that the Abiola family and its stooges are up to something on the allegations leveled against Dr Akindele.

Akindele, as a man of integrity that he is, parades a long list of corporate awards such as Honoree for Service to Young People (Future Africa Awards 2022), Oil & Gas CEO of The Year (Business Day 2022), Most Influential People of African Decent (Hall of Fame 2022), African Business Leader of the Year (Africa Leadership Magazine 2022), Congressional Commendation Award (State of Georgia 2021), Business Accessibility and Inclusion Champion (FEMNET 2022).

It is expected that a personality of such caliber is supposed to be properly investigated according to the rule of law instead of the Police allowing itself to be used by some never-do-well elements, who are only interested in bringing Dr Akindele down and dragging his name in the mud.

Who is Tosin Odusanya? What has he done apart from the subsidy scam? Why are the Abiolas and their stooge, Odusanya using the Police to threaten Dr Akintoye and Duport Midstream Coy ltd? The Abiolas have Summit Oil and have operated it for over 30 years. How much have they invested. Didn’t they collect several millions of dollars from the Indian Government? How was that money spent and what impact did it have on the community? How much have they paid the Nigerian government? How much tax have they remitted? How much sales have they made? How have they renewed their licenses for 30 years without remitting what is due to Government? Why do they have to bring themselves down and for what? What have they done to all the businesses their father left for them. How is the money shared among the children as we have seen plenty siblings accusing the five children of the first wife sitting on all the money

If, indeed, the Police is interested in duly following the rule of law and toe the line of professionalism, they should be able to do justice to the above questions begging for answers, instead of bullying and winch hunting Dr Akindele.

It was equally, in the course of investigation, learnt that the Energy Park project, comprising 2,500 barrels of crude oil per day modular refinery, 30 million standard cubic feet per day, gas processing plant and 2 megawatts power plant, which the petitioners claimed was not completed by Dr Akindele in Q4 2022, is currently functioning, and people are buying products.

The project was built in Edo State and the Governor, Godwin Obaseki, among other dignitaries including representatives of Canadian Embassy, Government of Benin Republic ministry of energy, Also the Ugandan Government ministry of energy was at the location to confirm it was indeed working effectively .

Even as Chairman of Platform Capital, Dr Akindele remains the biggest shareholder of the company, and, if truly there was fraud, the Court should rise to the occasion but not Police harassing the personality of Akintoye and his family and friends.
This medium can confirm that the police continue to harass and inviting his families and friends despite the court vacating the order which they are  using to winch hunt Dr. Akindele.

However, sources close to Dr Akindele is determined to protect is name and not lose his labor to people who don’t know anything about how it was built because the Abiola family wants to, by all means, take over his company.

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