Terry Okechukwu Iheme

By Tricia Ikem

The Owutu divisional Police, Lagos state command have arrested a senior driver with Hi-tech construction company, for allegedly defiled his 3 years old and 1year three months old daughter.

The perpetrators Terry Okechukwu Iheme, a resident of  No 22 ifesowapo garner estate Igbolomu Ikorodu, lived with his family.where the incident happened in December 2019.

Nemesis caught up with him when his wife, mother of the children who has placed her on watch list  since found strange stains on  her kids underwear when ever she left those kids at the care of their father.

According to her, the first time I noticed the strange stain on the paont of my daughter and I confronted him with it he pretended as if he had no  knowledge of what I was saying, when I notice the stain for second time I accused him which earned me a dirty slap from him,he tells me that I was asking him stupid question.

I had to inform a close friend about happenings in my family that any time I let our kids at the care of our daddy I usually met their underwear stain. She advised me to be more watchful until I caught him red handed, the terribly distruped woman said.

“there was a day I went to pick my elder daughter at school, I left the little girl  at the care of her father, to my surprise before getting home he has abused her sexually, she could not work properly ,i asked him what happened to the girl of which he had no answer rather he denied abusing her sexually but there was evidence of urine all over the floor. The  little girl could not stand up to work .

When narrating the incident, to our correspondent she could not hold her tears back,” I was preparing food the children ,they were with their father inside sitting room playing , suddenly I couldn’t hear any sound from the sitting room again, I decided to check on them through window to my greatest surprise my husband has removed my daughter’s pant placed her in between his two leg and insert his finger on her Virginia, the next I did  was just to made sign he jumped up and started adjusting the bed as if he is dressing the bed’.

I couldn’t  bear it any longer it’s a taboo, I called my friend who is also a confidant to inform her that I have caught my husband  red handed she advised me that we should take her to one miracle medical centre for examination. It was at the centre we were told that the penetration have affected her womb.

She said that someone gave her  the contact of a social worker with Advocate For Children And Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN), one Adeyemi Akin-Akala who immediately report the case to Owutu Divisional Police officer.

It was the help of DPO ,,CSP Marget Okonkwo and with her officers that made his  arrest possobli.

Our correspondent who spoke with the convener,Advocate For Children And Vulnerable Persons Network (ACVPN),EBENEZER OMEJALILE , on the high rate of incessant cases of sexual abuse on minors,he advised Lagos state government  to domestic the existing law, it would drive the matter of Sex Offenders very far, just like Oshodi-Isolo Local Government has domesticated the Lagos State Law as a bye-Law in Oshodi-Isolo Local Government.

He noted that the incessant occurrence of sexual abuse , could also be attributed to societal loss of value system attributed to ritual get rich syndrome or die trying mentality that would not yield any positive result.