Problems Nigeria is passing through today due to blood spilling, other criminalities – Prophet Oyadara




Prophet Samuel Oyadara, the Founder of All People Church, Ojo, Lagos, in this interview, speaks on national issues, his personal life experience, among others.

Question: Can we meet you, tell us about yourself?

Answer: My name is Prophet Samuel Oyadara, I am the Founder of All People Church, Ojo, Lagos.

Question: We have read a lot of your prophesies which have come to pass, how come, could it be that some people are behind giving you information about them before you say them out?

Answer: Well, nobody is giving me any such except God. It’s only God that I know, am not a politician and I don’t know anybody except God. So it is through fasting and prayers that I received the directive from God. As I am here now with you, through grace of God, I started fasting from first day of January and I have not stopped, so it is through that I get directives from God on what should happen. I can be on mountain for prayers and fasting for seven or 21 days and would ask God what is going to happen?

It is true that people say that a prophet does not have honour at home, because now people embrace lies, and whoever is saying truth at times, people are not ready to listen to such fellow. It could so because God even said their way is not my way, so God’s way is quite different from human’s way. So whoever is sweet mouthed, with big tummy, and wears expensive clothes, and people carry different phones of his and follow him, he would get recognized, but God may not even know him. Only God tells me what I say because what I know about God is to go on the mountain, pray and fast. And God has been revealing a lot to me through prophesies. This has been happening a long time, and there is nothing that He had revealed to me that has not come to pass.

Question: When exactly did you start this ministry, is it God that called you, or what exactly happened?

Answer: I traveled abroad before, to Italy in 2002 but it came a time, I was told that right from the time I was very young that God had wanted that I should be a pastor and I never knew anything about pastoral work, and from there I was deported to Nigeria four years after.

I came back to Nigeria with just $100, it was N13,600 when I changed it to Naira at the airport. It was then that the journey started. I wanted to return because I didn’t come with anything. And due to that, I started going from one pastor to another to help and pray for me. They told me that I shouldn’t have traveled in the first instance and that I should have asked properly before embarking on the journey.

Question: When you traveled abroad then, what did you have in mind to do there, was it to go there and be working or what?

Answer: I wanted to go there to work, to be playing football because I like football a lot.

Question: Are you a footballer?

Answer: I like it a lot, I trained in Nigeria before I went there but I had a club over there then. There is a club then called All African Club, that picks Africans. When I returned having been deported, that was how the journey started, even from there, I started having serious and scary dreams, but which I didn’t understand.

But when I returned, I started looking for how l could return and anywhere I go for spiritual intervention, they always told me to go and face God’s work and by doing so, the way would be open to me. So, everywhere was blocked and it became difficult for me to feed and it was like looking for money that I never lost.

Then it got to a stage that a friend almost like a child to me requested that he would take me to someone in Maryland. He told me that he was born in that pastor’s church in Ilorin. He took me there, the man’s name is Primate Olabayo. So he took me there, he is my father in the Lord.

When I got there, immediately Baba sighted me, even he did not allow me to enter, before he said haaaa! please go and be doing God’s work right away. I said to myself what was Baba saying, which God’s work? So I got angry, me that wanted to go back to where I was deported, I thought he was going to tell me that so so time, you would return abroad. That was what I wanted to hear from him.

After eight months, everything became tough, I experienced series of dreams, sometimes I saw myself wearing white casok, doing evangelism and crusade. I then returned to Primate Olabayo that I didn’t know how things were going. He then told me that the way forward for me was to commence God’s work. So I accepted, moved to live with Baba, and did vigil for complete two years every day. I was there, that was where I first started pastoral work, at Primate Olabayo’s church at Maryland. So he is my father in the Lord.

I spent two years there and thereafter, God said I should proceed forward and I told Baba about the decision. Baba liked me. At that time, it was President Goodluck Jonathan that was in office then. Then, Jonathan Campaign Group came on a visit, if people came on a visit and they don’t see me they can’t see Primate Olabayo.

Within three months, God had connected me and Baba Olabayo, we were eating together on same table. I was the one holding his walking stick. When I wanted to leave, Baba didn’t want me to leave because he truly liked me, but God’s word is not like that. That was what happened and I still go there anytime they are doing vigil in their church, the Evangelical Church of Christ.

When I left, I came to Ojo because a friend of mine lives there, that’s where I stay now because I don’t know anybody in Lagos, that is where I started my own church.

I first fasted for 40 days in 2007 when I first started. I went to Baba in 2008 and left the place in 2010, so that was how the journey started.

Question: Since then, what challenges have come your way which you have overcome?

Answer: There are many challenges, too many for one who is truly called by God. From all what we learnt and read in the Bible, whoever God does not send can’t truly deliver. That is what many cannot withstand to the extent that today we that are pastors know that a lot of things have gotten rotten. It takes the grace of God because a lot of pastors are no longer speaking the truth, and people want to be lied to.

But whatever it is, you know they used to say that fingers are not equal, there are some that still exist that would continue to spread the true gospel and tell the truth as it is. I continue to tell people that if it remains a day for me to mix something with my God that I call, He should end my sojourn on earth, end my life because I have known God, I have fasted for two (2) years from January 1st to December 31st, unbroken. So there is nothing that can take me off the God’s way. I have seen a lot of attacks because where I am in Ojo, it is in the middle where one needs to be careful and watchful.

If you look at this my face very carefully, the scar there was as a result of attacks by some masquerades, one afternoon on Sunday. Just yesterday, I was at a vigil with the United Pastors that we used to pray together. Some people were engaged in Oro festival and we were praying, but the one we depend on is far greater than that. I don’t put my mind there, they are only theirs because the world now that we sojourn in has turned to something else. And I continue to say that what has continued to bring ruins to the country is idol worshipping because we don’t we worship God enough. We are only worship Him half-heartedly. Truth is that if you look around, you will find many churches and mosques on the streets among houses, but why is it that many things are going wrong? It is because truth is lacking, people are just lying.

The work of pastor or preacher is too tasking, whoever God does not give the grace can’t do it, but if you can endure till the time, God will bless the work of your hands, He would certainly do it for those He called to Himself. And you also know that money changes persons, that’s why God allows his servant to go through fire, so that he would not look at those glamour, which is only worldly.

So today, I feel concerned about Nigeria and I continue to cry and sometimes would not be able to eat, and my wife knows about this, for instance, being confronted with reports of missing persons, who are not fishes or goats. What we are passing through today in Nigeria is due to blood spilling and other criminalities that are happening around us because the Bible says righteousness exalt a nation, but sins pull a nation down.

So today, Nigeria happens to be a nation that God loves much, but we citizens don’t love one another, we only pay eye service in worshipping God. That’s what I can say about that because am also a pastor and I have not mentioned anybody’s name. And in line with your duty as journalist, you too would have seen a lot in this regard. Some of these prophets and pastors would raise their voices to say it’s someone that God called, it’s so so person that God has ordained or anointed to come and rule the country.

I have been saying it since the time of Yar’Adua, I was still with my father in the Lord then, Primate Olabayo. God told me, and Yar’Adua was on sick bed then, that he cannot survive and that there would be change of government. The thing (change of government) came to pass.

Then it came to Jonathan, God spoke to me, if my wife were to be here, she would testify, and those close to me would tell you, I said Jonathan should pray fervently before going for a second term in office. God showed me that they crucified him, and when they voted, it was just like they crucified him. I saw him, God showed him to me that way, they nailed him to the cross. I asked what kind of revelation was this? And if you watched what happened to President Goodluck Jonathan then, that was what happened.

Before Buhari came, you were the one that called me then, I sat in my room, and you asked what I saw because people were saying it must be Buhari, that he would be one that would turn around the country for the better. I sat in front of the church, because it was built with wood, we were just raising the blocks.

But God told me that the devil we know is better than the angel that we didn’t see. I said that Buhari that was coming was not going to change Nigeria but was coming to create problems. Though we needed change, but Buhari that would not change the country. It was published then in the paper. I said they should not expect anything from his government. He got elected into office and everything just ‘scatter scatter.’

So he did his own and we shouted severally till 2023, when he ended his tenure and left. I was shouting that people should be careful because on the 8-year tenure of Buhari, we shouted, warned people then but they never listened.

When it was 2022 ahead of 2023 General Election, I said people should be alert that God had not chosen anybody or told me about the candidate to vote for. But when it was time, God told me that among the three top candidates, that Peter Obi cannot win the poll, and even if he won, he would not be allowed to take over office, but among them o, I am not a politician, am a Christian, but it’s God that created all and knows us all. He told me that there was one amongst the candidates, that we should be careful not to enter another problem, that if APC and Tinubu should be voted into office, there would be problems, prices of goods and services would skyrocket.

That prophecy was published in the paper on January 1, 2023. That’s was how God revealed it to me. If God tells me something, just believe it. That’s it. I was on prayer mountain for 21 days and I asked God, who do you want amongst the candidates jostling for the presidential seat in the country.

God told me that there is no candidate of his choice amongst them, but said that one can still serve better than others. He told me that PDP candidate, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar if voted in, prices of goods and services would come down, that people would see the hands of God in the affairs of the country, that things would change for the better a bit. He said that should APC and Tinubu be voted into office, prices would go higher, but Obi would not win that election. We sounded the warning. I urged then that we should put our thinking cap on so that we should avoid entering another suffering that we experienced during Buhari’s 8-year rule under Tinubu’s regime.

Tinubu is from my tribe but God’s word is not like that. Whoever God sends, He sends such, and whatever God does not tell me to do, I don’t do it or say it out.

Question: Nigerians appear religious, why is it that our life in the country is like that of the Israelites with all the happenings around us?

Answer: Yes. Our life is like that of the Israelites because God loves the Israelites but when they misbehave or disobey God, when they begin to worship other god and they don’t worship God the way they should, God will leave them to suffer for their misconduct well enough. And when they begin to groan to high heaven, God will raise another prophet and rescue them. When they begin to experience relief a bit, they would say they don’t want this again, that’s how we are in Nigeria. God genuinely loves Nigeria with lot of things that He endowed us with compared to other countries, but disobedience, dissatisfaction are among those things that are causing our problems because there is no unity and love among us. There is no unity because if there is, everything would be going on smoothly.

Nigerians are too stubborn, and they refused to listen. They go by the word which says expensive clothing depicts how prominent one is. But God does not look at physical appearance, He looks at one’s mind. It is in the Bible, God sent one prophet that he should go and anoint a king, David when Saul disobeyed God. Saul was on the throne but for 40 years, God had turned His back against him. God was looking for someone to replace Saul. I used to say David, David, David, God told me we need a David in Nigeria.

As at that time, David was like a servant to Saul. When they went to fight Philistine war, God used David to face and defeat Goliath, Saul that was the king could not do so, could not face Goliath. And God used David who killed Goliath. So everyone started hailing David and Saul started to envy him. And when God has turned his back against Saul, he was just there as king while God was looking for someone to replace him, because He was not with him anymore.

It was David that God used to wage several battles which were won for Israelites against their enemies. He went through a lot of suffering, but waged several wars, his son, Solomon didn’t wage any battle.

In 2008, I was on Ikoyi mountain in Osun State. I was going through a 40-day fasting and prayers, God told me we needed David in this country, that when David comes and after him, Solomon would come. But if we don’t pray hard, we may not see him come even more than 20 years from now. But if we do so now, in less than 20 years from now, our own David would come and that’s the reason I keep shouting that the youths should quickly wake up. You can see that since 1999 that we have been clamouring for genuine democracy, everything is rotating on one spot, so we need God’s mercy. And who is that David? God has not shown him to me, He may do so tomorrow, but I don’t know.

Question: Where are we going in this country with Tinubu- led administration, will it be able to turn things around or not?

Answer: What God showed to me is that as long as Tinubu is still there prices of things will continue to skyrocket. As God showed me through prophecy, it is how rich a person is that he or she would feed himself or herself, and that’s what we sought before God and man. People were struggling to eat in the revelation and when I sat down and interpreted it, so I discovered that this is how it would be. And if you look at the situation we are in now in the country, it is how rich you are that you would be capable of feeding your family.

Question: But prophet, some people were said to be behind this current hardship that Nigerians are facing, they called them saboteurs who are not out for the good of the country.

Answer: Yoruba used to say ‘Oba to je ti ilu toro, oruko re ko ni pare, eyi to je ti ilu tuka, oruko re ko ni pare’ in one of their popular adage, literally meaning: ‘A king that reigned and made the city peaceful, his name would not be forgotten, and one who reigned and caused ruins of the city, his name would also not be forgotten.’ You see the very day he came into office, I knew God had said what we would experience, so I don’t bother myself. I only continue to pray and ask God, where is that David? In fact, we requested for that David from God in our vigil overnight today, where is he, is he a Hausa, a Yoruba or an Igbo and that God should bring him out? As things are now, whoever is to remake Nigeria must be one that God must have anointed like David.

Tinubu may have determined to become president, with the resolve he would correct all anomalies because he was not pleased with the situation of things, but I tell you that Nigeria is beyond that. By the time he too got into office, he would have found out that what he thought was not what he met on ground. So, whoever God anoints would begin to correct things right from himself and from those close to him because David, uhnn, his own children stood in war against him. I don’t know how Tinubu wants to do it, I wouldn’t say more than that. So we need God’s mercy and grace to move forward.

Question: What is your advice for Nigeria and Nigerians?

Answer: From my own little knowledge and understanding, Nigeria is a country that does not listen as we have been talking before. And it had been so with some other countries in the past, and God had always raised prophets. This is the time that people know the true men of God, the true messengers of God.

But in Nigeria, as we are seeing today and experiencing pains, some people are still benefiting from the situation. Some people are still buying cars and building new houses and don’t bother if people are shouting or complaining. So, Nigerians should be patient and prayerful and waiting for who God wants to raise for us as David. I think government should be for the poor and the less- privileged and not only for the rich and the well to do in the society. Those who are rich can cater for themselves, but how do the poor people who cannot feed three times a day want to feed? That’s what the government should be concerned about. Nigerians should join hands and pray to God to fight for us.

Question: Worship centers both for Muslims and Christians are increasing in folds in the country, are the messages being preached by the religion leaders righteous ones because bad behaviours and mannerisms is just everywhere in the country now, no righteousness, things are getting worse?

Answer: For the religion leaders, I said it it long before that they were the problems that Nigeria was having because if we look at the preachings a lot of them are engaged in, both Christians and Muslims, everything is the hands of the leaders. It is said in the Bible that ‘faith comes by hearing of the words of God.’ It is what you hear that you will believe. So, a lot of religion leaders are speaking and preaching the truth, but such truth is not enough. You know why things are so bad this way is because we are pursuing life more than the hereafter. A lot the religion leaders don’t know where they are going, they could be rich, influential, but have not seen what’s is in the hereafter. As I am young now, God has revealed to me what lays in the hereafter like two or three times, and such has built fears into me. A lot have not seen such because of world’s luxury.

Secondly, a lot that established these worship centers, whether Churches or Islamic groups, God did not call them to His way, many just came into it because they felt that profession is what is now common and well embraced. Which way can people make money, they reason? That’s just it because in the country we are in, people are seeking solutions to addressing problems on ground. So those who are speaking the truth are not many because many abhor truth, rather they prefer lies. I won’t lie to you, a God- sent person, who speaks and preaches the truth, will encounter several tribulations before he can have large followership.

Question: You were speaking about your wife, who you continue to eulogise, how did you meet to become husband and wife?

Answer: It is an interesting story. She is an Igbo, I am a Yoruba from Osun State. When I left Primate Olabayo, there were a lot children there, from rich homes, who observed that this, that is me, was very close to Baba Olabayo. So a lot of children, who were with Baba Olabayo, their parents wanted them to be closer to me as they also wanted to be closed to me. But, no 1, I did not study much and no 2, those ones, they did not know much about God and were just going to church. Some already owned their private and personal cars, while some were found to be frequenting night clubs on Fridays.

If pastor now went and married a woman going to clubs on Fridays, it means his ministry works has spoilt. I told you I have been fasting since January 1st and have not broken it as am talking to you and my wife knows the kind of person I am. I can go for prayers on the mountain for 21 days, and there may not be anything at home. So she already knows and would just say that’s what God sent him to do, and she is sure that one day, we would arrive the land of glory. My wife is one that loves praying, as I was stepping out today, she already organized some women for prayers. She is teaching at a private school. She loves me dearly and is a pillar of support, and full of fear of God.

How we met was when I left Primate Olabayo’s church, there was nothing and I started doing the ministry work little by little. At a stage, I met one man, who is dead now, he was a Deeper Life Church member. We were going to Deeper Life Church together, so I already established my church, but was yet to take off fully. Then, the man and I were going together to Deeper Life Church on Monday, later the man, who was into insurance introduced me into the business that I should join him to start canvassing for clients all over the place.

We would move from one place to another, that’s where I met my wife. So, every Monday, we would go to AICO head office for training on how to canvass for insurance business, that’s where I met my wife. It was where I was looking for customers all over, because I was a marketer, that was where I met my wife, who was working with a man, who was into paints production. She was then working as a secretary to the man.

The man was transacting one policy with AICO, and a marketer that was in charge of that policy had left AICO and I was asked to take over. So anytime I got to their office, my wife -to- be would tell me that her Oga had not come, I would wait for the Oga and while waiting, we would start talking about God and the Bible teachings. Whenever we engaged, she would ask if I am a pastor and at a stage, I traced her to her home, and for three, six months that I had been following her, I could not yet open my mouth to say I wanted to have her as a wife. I was very shy to face any woman, couldn’t say to her what was in my mind based on how closer I was with God, so that nobody would tag me as a fornicator.

So it was her mother, because her father is late, that now asked her that this man that was coming to visit you, what exactly does he want? She told her mother that we were just friends, and that I was into insurance business. Her mother now urged her to ask me what exactly was my mission following her about? Eventually, one day she confronted me and I asked why was it that I was always coming to look for her? I said, well, we are friends, and I later asked do you like me, can you marry me? However, I didn’t forget to beg for forgiveness for what I said.

She then said she would give me a feedback, and she then went to meet her mother on the matter. The mother now reminded her of what she had earlier said that my frequent visits had to do with such mission. My wife now also said that she knew about that already, but noted that the tradition in Africa is such that the man would be one to say to a woman what is in his mind, regarding relationship. That’s how we started the journey. And by His grace now, God has bless us with four children, and by the grace of God too, my first born would sit for his WAEC this year. My wife’s name is Bright Chioma.


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