MayowaThe #SaveMayowa saga has set the internet on fire since popular Yoruba movie actress and one of the advocate for the support of Mayowa, Toyin Aimakhu reported to the police statting that the  medical report was fake.

More pictures and more gists are coming in to confirm the viral report that the #SaveMayowa initiative may have been an elaborate plot to scam unsuspecting Nigerians of their hard earned money.

Toyin Aimakhu, in an interview with online news platform Ynaija, has said.

The actress said when she went to LUTH and showed the doctors Mayowa’s medical report, the doctors said the report was fake. Toyin also alleges Mayowa Ahmed’s family came up with the scheme this past Sunday.

The actress alleged,

 “They tagged me, she sent a message to me… they said she’s my huge fan saying she had cancer and she needed help and wanted me to come… I showed the doctor the (medical) report and the doctor said ‘which report?’. They said it was a fake report.

She continued,

“They just came up with the plan on Sunday. They now came to LUTH to appear as if they were in LUTH. When they saw me they said I did not help them to beg for money… that they don’t know anything.”

The family of Mayowa, who are currently under police custody has also released statement stating that the cause to save Mayowa was not a scam.

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#SaveMayowa has reportedly raised over $150,000 through a GoFundMe account and an excess of N80 million in Mayowa’s Access bank account through public donations.

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