Satguru Maharajji

As Nigeria still bask in the euphoria of the 61st anniversary of independence, the Living Perfect Master and World Teacher, Satguru Maharaj Ji has urged the Federal Government to as a matter of urgency stop the National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, from taking over the services of the Judiciary in Nigeria, if the Attorney General is sleeping, for allowing NBC to judge and charge Media Houses/Journalists for any wrong doing through Hate Speech instead of allowing such Media Houses or Journalists who break the Hate Speech to face the courts.

Maharaj Ji in a press release titled: ‘Nigeria @ 61 will be blissful’ and made available to newsmen stressed that the present situation where it is the regulatory board that decides the fine for erring Media Houses/Journalists is unconstitutional, barbaric, utopian and draconian especially where the Media Groups are not in the employment of the Ministry of Information makes a mockery of the Constitution which Mr President was elected to defend adding that “this sudden silly act confirms what many Nigerians are saying that there are people in Government who wish President Buhari to fail.”

According to him, the Judiciary is capable of handling such issues and situations effectively.

He queried: “Or do we want the Media Houses/Journalists to go on strike? No oga I beg.

In the same vein, Maharaj Ji posited that “we would like to recommend to the Federal Government to take steps to recruit three (3) million Policemen and Women among the High School, Polytechnic and University Graduates roaming about the city jobless on an entry salary of 250.000 per month with minimum of one bedroom flat or bigger according to the size of the family of the recruit but with an agreement that the single ones cannot marry until after 7 years of service.  It is preternatural for we to allow the Army to be doing the services of the Nigeria Police in some ways as it is at present probably due to shortage.

“In the same way, the Nigerian Army should open its door for more recruits at an entry salary of 350,000 per month with minimum of one bedroom or bigger flat according to the size of the family of the recruit with a proviso that such a recruit cannot marry until after seven (7) years of service.

“The spirit de corps in the army needs to be revitalised with more games like drafts, chess, etc., to allow the soldiers to come together to realise they are Nigerians and children of the same father united to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria that would very soon take good care of them as bona fide citizens of Nigeria.

“The above recruitment can be effectively sustained with one oil well productively controlled.

While speaking on PENCOM, Maharaj Ji reiterated that “Dear Mr. President, lots and lots of Nigerians are complaining about the operations of the PENCOM and its management since it was set up to effectively manage the retirement benefits of retired civil and public servants.  Their grievances are that some of them cannot afford to pay rent, send their children to school, eat food of their choice like when

they were in service, etc.  Their argument is supported by the fact that when this policy was about to be implemented, the wise in the Army, Police and some other groups opted out of it. Why must I unable to pay my rent, children’s school fees, etc, demands the attention of Mr. President.

He, however, recommended that, like the staff of the colonial masters who retired from here and are still receiving pensions, that retired Nigerian worker should be paid in bulk to help them start little business on their own privately and this will go a long way in revitalising the economy greatly.

On the issue of border closure, Maharaj Ji disclosed that the groaning is that the borders of the southern part of the country has been closed but the northern borders are open, giving way for the influx of banned substandard electronics, electrical, goods and merchandize of all kinds. 

He stressed: “The President and his government see more than us but as good citizens, this is the only avenue one can guide the Government in order to help grow Nigeria and therefore we want Mr. President to look into this for a formal statement to be made and or take action to open the border if it is okay for now.

While speaking on education, the Living Perfect Master and World Teacher disclosed that, “The President can make his tenure fantastic by initiating a law to create Education Banks, to relieve parents of the high cost of school fees since the children are the economy of today and tomorrow and until we sustain their training, we would be heading for what some have already been saying that we are a failed state, Maharaj Ji forbid.

On the issue of Illegal action of PDP Chairman Maharaj Ji maintained that “The President should ask Governor Buni to resign as the Acting APC Chairman since he is doing another job as the incumbent Governor of a State for a new person whose sole responsibility should be for the Party not Party and State, as at present, which violates the constitution of the APC and a very dirty act. I would recommend Chief Bisi Akande or somebody else except the Northern Group in the APC have a hidden agenda, to avoid such bad precedence.”