DCP Abba Kyari
Abba Kyari


On June 11, 2017 when the notorious kidnapper, Evans was nabbed, Abba Kyari, the celebrated police officer behind the triumph became an instant star and folk hero. For most Nigerians, this gallant officer did for the Nigeria Police, what a billion naira public relations stunt could not have done. No doubt, the arrest and the subsequent detention of Evans brought indescribable positive image to the police, an organisation many Nigerians just love to hate.

For many months, Kyari’s fame resonated across Nigeria and many saw the development as a new dawn for law enforcement in Nigeria. The development, quite naturally, also sent a warning signal to those who profit from crime. In fact, the super cop and his team by their action, sent quit notice to criminals and shattered the invisibility that surrounds their operations.

This brave cop and Assistant Commissioner of Police is undoubtedly, every criminal’s nightmare. But Kyari is not new to high risks and tough policing. He had headed the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, SARS at the Lagos State Police Command before he was promoted ACP in 2016 and asked to head the Inspector General of Police intelligence Response Team, IRT.

Among his peers, he stands tall and represents hard work, diligence, bravery and hope. Aside Evans which is his most celebrated exploit in recent times, the fearless police officer is also directly connected with the capture of notorious criminals like Abiodun Ogunjobi, also known as Godogodo, China, Nnamdi, Yemi Boss, Abdullahi, Victor and Vampire.

In a country like Nigeria, Kyari is an absolute necessity. For instance, Godogodo, a hardened criminal he arrested confessed to having killed 200 persons and over 50 police men. He also admitted that he personally collected the riffles of the dead police men.

Kyari, a Kanuri and one of the most decorated officers attended the University of Maiduguri before joining the Nigeria Police. He speaks on his life and career in the force.

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