There is currently palpable tension in the Satellite Town area of Lagos State as Chinese nationals have prevented the Police from sealing up their company following a court order over the alleged production of fake AKT light bulbs.

A businessman, Ugochukwu Amadi, had dragged the company located at 194, Marwa Close Ijegun Water Site, Satellite Town, Lagos, before Justice Taiwo Taiwo of a Federal High Court, Abuja, accusing it of producing and importing fake AKT light bulbs in Nigeria, and sought an order of the court to seal up the company as well as evacuates the fake products.

The court had granted the request and ordered the Inspector General of Police to seal the company and evacuate the products pending the conclusion of the investigation.

On Wednesday, April 6, policemen deployed by Lagos State Police Command as directed from Abuja and court sheriffs stormed the premises to enforce the court order and ordered all the workers out of the premises.

However, 48 hours after law enforcement agents stormed the warehouse, the Chinese nationals refused to allow them to enforce the court order by preventing the evacuation of the substandard products.

All efforts by the Police have so far proved abortive as the Chinese allegedly mobilised some ‘area boys’ and blocked the entrance to the company to prevent the police from carrying out the court order.

The scenario is currently causing unrest in the area as the police insist the court order must be carried out to the fullest.