Funke Fatomilola

It hurts deeply when someone who made  you feel  special yesterday now makes you feel unwanted today. It hurt right? I know the feelings

Maybe he intentionally used and dumped. Hnmmm.

Maybe he never felt anything

Maybe all was just sweet for nothing words

To say it in plain language

Maybe you are not special to him!

Have you heard about the cow theory before?

The he cow moves on after mating with the she cow. He doesn’t want yesterday meal! Isn’t that humorous? Funny!

He wants new taste to enjoy; he wants new ground to plough.

The theory proves that even when the already ‘used’ she cow is smeared with a new cow scents she still get rejected one he  finds  out he’s been  deceived! Why?

Maybe because his wants are insatiable who knows?

Some men are like the he cow, once they have a taste, they move on, after all there are many fishes in the ocean! They are like the wind that can never be caged, like grave that never get satisfied!

But remember, if the she cow is carefully covered with new cow scents, she can have her promiscuous and insatiable he cow back again and forever. He can even eat the stale meal! Wow, it’s possible!

 Baby girl, Sis, mummies and Aunties, please do not relent Just because he is yours now. It is the duty of a woman to please a man after all, women are created for men and not the other way round. Make him feel special being with you, it boost his ego, you being special to him is not enough

Make him have reasons to always come back to you. Please be special indeed!

Sex is not enough, many gives it for ridiculously prices.

Well-shaped, figured 8 is even not enough,

Packaging, make up and over, push up aren’t enough, you are still the old cow once he has a taste or has married you, and you are already a conquered ground.

Let me put these questions to you:

 Do you have what it takes mentally, psychologically and spiritually?

Are your matured enough to handle the egoistical nature of man?

Aren’t you empty upstairs?

Can you represent him anywhere? Remember if you can’t stand for me, you are not up to me!

 Aren’t you a beauty to behold but morally bankrupt!

Can you create an idea or way out of challenges when things seem blurred?

Is the gutter not better than your words?

How well can your mind dissect information when asked intelligent questions?

What can you personally put on the table?

Are you productive or your needs are just exorbitantly out of reach?

I can go on and on!

See, simple reasons why TODAY you are treated like a QUEEN and TOMORROW like a TRASH!

As for men, there are many fishes in the ocean!  But sis, YOU can always have your back!

 From the stable of CHARITY….what it is, is what it does.

But sis, YOU can always have yours back!