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  • Chief Fanimokun

    All Protocols duly observed

ENTREPRENEURSHIP is the Pillar for Prosperity in the sustainable development drive for Lagos State. It is the THEME for the 2nd Edition of the Blessings Day in the Year 2018. In the Maiden Keynote Address last year, it was recorded that,

“Every year since 1994, the United Nations set aside AUGUST 9 to mark this special day of the world’s most endangered species. The day is also observed each year to promote and protect the rights of the world’s indigenous population”

Under the auspices and at the initiative of the Executive Committee of the NDA (New Dawn Administration), the Eko Club Family, its Grand Patron, Patrons, Honourary Members, and Special Members, the LAGOS INDIGENES joined the worldwide noble vision and mission of the Annual Celebration Event (ACE) w.e.f. Year 2017. It is a yearly campaign for awareness, enlightenment and collaboration. In this regard, all the other Lagos indigenous groups and the entire Lagos Youth Movement are on the success train towards a GREATER TOMORROW. As a matter of fact, one of the Aims & Objects of the Eko Club is clearly stated in the Constitution ARTICLE 3 (iv) as

“to promote and protect the interest and welfare of the indigenes of Lagos State in socio-economic development of the State”.

The present administration of Lagos State is fully supportive and most inspiring under the visionary leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Oladapo Ambode and the remarkable records of good governance and excellence in all spheres.

His Excellency is genuinely acknowledged as a Role Model and Ambassador Extraordinary of the ALARHOSPS (Association of Lagos Retired Heads of Service and Permanent Secretaries). For the record, our President @ the ALARHOSPS, his Executives, the Trustees and all Members of (our) darling Association are greatly proud of all the spectacular accomplishments of H. E. within the first three (3) years since 2015, Blessings!

Of all the thirty-six (36) States in the Federal Republic of Nigeria, LAGOS remains the smallest in size, the biggest economy (‘n the most prosperous), the largest in population density, and the oldest among her peers since creation in May 1967. In effect, the DNA of the people of LAGOS remains intact, pure, undiluted and unpolluted. And evidently LAGOS is the melting pot of all cultures resulting into UNITY IN DIVERSITY in the CENTRE OF EXCELLENCE.

For the Golden Jubilee Celebration of LAGOS @ 50 in the Year 2017, the Lagos State Government of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode ignited a new enlightenment, passion and vision for sustainable development drive over the next fifty (50) years till 2067! This is an integral part of what the LAGOS INDIGENES are joyfully celebrating today and henceforth annually.

It is a legacy of honour, along with the annual commemoration and sustainability of           MAY 12 as the “Social Clubs’ Day” at the Eko Club. That extra ACE (Annual Celebration Event) is in appreciation of the special recognition, motivation and innovation by the Ambode Administration in the Year 2017. We shall keep the flag flying every year. Blessings to our most distinguished Blessed Member and Patron.

In respect of the 2nd Edition of the Blessings Day 2018, the THEME, Entrepreneurship is one of the twelve (12 No.) optional Indices adopted for presentation annually.

In alphabetical order, they are

  • Economy
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Empowerment
  • Endowment
  • Energy (Power)
  • Entertainment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Environment
  • Eradication of Poverty
  • Estate Development (Housing)
  • Evaluation (Periodic)

They are coded EWE NLA ILU EKO for promotion and propagation in calling the attention of the State Government to specific areas of needs and expectations of the people of LAGOS. It is our fervent prayer in Yoruba   “Amu ilu Eko k’o ni fǫ lai lai, k’ o si ni gbȩ” Amen

Entrepreneurship is most critical to development process and future prosperity. It “relates mainly to innovation, creativity, commitment, opportunity, resource control, resourcefulness, value added, wealth creation, passion and strong determination to succeed in a human endeavor” (Fanimokun 2009). This is the chosen topic for today’s celebration. It is very well defined as a type of management distinguished by risk taking and initiative, an approach to management that can be defined as the pursuit of opportunity without regards to resources currently controlled.

– (Adejare & others, 1998)

About ten (10) years ago at the Lagos State University (LASU), courses in entrepreneurship were designed to commence in partnership with the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI). Both LASU and LCCI are represented here today to share with us their respective endeavours. In particular, the reference Case Study shall take off with the review of the publication titled Yinka FOLAWIYO; Excellence in Entrepreneurship, 1998.

In the near future, other exemplary models and brilliant initiatives of entrepreneurship especially in the public sector of Lagos State shall engage preferential attention e.g. the Ambode Administration’s ventures, on the subject-matter of entrepreneurship relating for example, to the creation of the Ministry of Wealth Creation and Employment, Launching of the N25 Billion LSETF (Lagos State Employment Trust Fund), massive infrastructural development strides, Inter-Sate Economic Summit with Kano; Lagos-Kebbi (LAKE) Rice Project; Oshodi Redevelopment Transformation; Muritala Muhammed International Airport’s (Federal Road) Expansion and Upgrading, as well as, the initiatives to take over the National Stadium Surulere; the National Art Theater, Iganmu; and the National Museum on the Lagos Island, apart from the audacious twin ventures of the new Onikan Stadium and the nearby new JK Randle Complex; Ease of doing business                (The Service Chartered Office in the Governor’s Office); the Lagos Smart City Project; etc.

In fact, the Planning Committee for the Blessings Day as an ACE (Annual Celebration Event) has already hinted that in the near future, the Case Studies of Governor Lateef Kayode Jakande, (the Legend) and Governor Akinwunmi Oladapo Ambode, (the Model) shall jointly be the core presentations as illustrative examples of entrepreneurship in the Lagos Public Service under civilian dispensation. The timeline is most likely to be               Year 2024 when the Eko Club clocks 50, the Golden Jubilee Celebration. Blessings!!

In conclusion, special indulgence is taken to pay the traditional homage,

“Eko Akete ile ǫgbǫn, arǫdȩdȩ maja,

Aromisa lȩgbȩlȩgbȩ,

B’oju o ba t ‘Ȩhingbȩti, Oju o ni t’Eko”


In summary, the waves and showers of everlasting abundance and inexhaustible prosperity shall always blow divinely over EKO           , the Land of Aquatic Splendours, Amen.

The EKO CLUB FAMILY heartily commends our darling and most distinguished Blessed Member and PATRON. The ALARHOSPS is also solidly behind H. E., the first retired PERMANENT SECRETARY from the Public Sector of Lagos State to become the elected GOVERNOR of Lagos State, BRAVO!

“The pursuit of excellence is endless as each progress sets the stage for next”

ALARHOSPS Summit Report, 2017, Pg 112

Special appreciation is also due to HRM the Oba of Lagos, Alayeluwa (Olowo Eko) and the Secretary to the State Government (SSG) for all the encouraging supports at all times since the commencement of the ACE (Annual Celebration Event). Forward Ever Backward Never; Onward ‘n Upward Always; No Reverse Gear Option in the Race for Excellence in Eko ‘Lagos. Blessings!!!