L-R: Chief Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu

A Principled, Perspective Leader, Trusted Progressive Ally.

Today, I join with his family, friends and indeed all Nigerians to congratulate Chief Bisi Akande on his 82nd birthday and to commend him for his outstanding  contributions to democratic governance and to the progressive cause in Nigeria. Characteristic of this selfless man is his enlightened decision not so much to focus on himself this special day but to call each of us to pray for national healing so that Nigeria and Nigerians can overcome harmful consequences visited upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic.

A committed democrat and a prudent yet compassionate leader of men, Chief Akande has done much for this country and for the progressive family. In addition to his able stewardship of Osun State, he has been a chief architect of our nation’s progressive political parties. In addition to his roles in the AD and ACN, he played a seminal role in the foundation of the APC. He is truly to be considered one of the few founding fathers of the APC. His deft and diplomatic performance as interim chairman of the APC confirmed that Chief Akande is one of our nation’s leading statesmen.

Since Baba enlisted in the Action Group in the First Republic to support the progressive ideals of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, he has not looked back. He stands today even  more  committed to those vital and necessary ideals.Like Chief Awolowo, he has devoted his public life to engendering a truly democratic, just and egalitarian society where all people are given the opportunity to attain a happy and prosperous life and no one is condemned to do without the basic necessities that a modern and compassionate society should afford its citizenry.

Just as Chief Awolowo did for him, Chief Akande has been a father figure and and engaging helpful mentor to younger politicians across the country particularly in the South-west. He is a consummate teacher, tolerant and cosmopolitan in outlook, and a excellent human being, helpful and charitable to all, no matter their station in life. Because of his traits as an exemplary leader & mentor, many call him Baba awon omo ke ke ke, meaning the political father of the younger ones. Baba is a highly principled, thoughtful leader. He has been a close friend and advisor through the years. I cannot thank him enough. I would not be where I am now without the help and support he has given. Many countless other people will affirm that he has had the same positive effect in their lives as he has in mine. Chief Akande personifies the best traits of this nation.

What he has given to his family, his state, to the Yoruba race, he also gave to this country: the very best. Happy 82nd birthday Chief Akande. You are an exceptional human being and Nigeria is proud to have you as one of its sons My prayer is that God Almighty grant you many more years and excellent health so that you can continue to help show all of us the progressive way this nation must go for the betterment of all its people.

May you continue to stand forth as an example to young leaders and may your wise counsel and civic virtue help guide us to a brighter tomorrow…..