Some University of Lagos students have started a petition via www.change.org – against the University authorities over what they describe as an illegal suspension of their Student Union & encroachment on their rights. Change.org is the web’s leading platform for social change empowering people anywhere to start petitions that make a difference.

They are demanding for:

1 – The restoration of The University of Lagos Student Union Body popularly known as ULSU.

2 – That no bonafide student of the university be required to sign documents they do not want to sign before being allowed back into campus.

3 – That all the (reasonable) demands the Student Union body placed before the management be considered and addressed subsequently. These demands include power supply, availability of basic amenities including water and a proper regulation of prices of goods on campus to ensure that the traders do not take advantage of the students.

According to the petition initiator, “Unilag students do not in any way want to bring the school’s name to disrepute and we believe strongly that when our aforementioned requests are met, the University will not only be a force to reckon with in Nigeria, but will produce students that will be reckoned with worldwide.”

So far, this petition has 1,879 signatures & counting.

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