Acting simply means action. Action simply means thought in motion. That is what Alvan Udeh defines his craft as. Alvan is one of Nollywood’s newest and hottest sensation. One of Alvan’s unique characteristic is his ability to go beyond the limit, the actor went half nude in his last film, he can cry a river if the role requires it.


Some of his colleagues believe he is an extremist, a couple others think he wants to be a star by all means but Alvan couldn’t care less because he’s passionate about the Art and doesn’t think passion should be equated to stardom or fame,thus passion is what keeps Alvan’s creative juices flowing.


In a brief interview with Bode Odunayo,Alvan reveals “the only way he knows to interpret a role is to go all out in actualizing the given character which can seem extreme depending on the angle you look at it from,that way he is able to be completely self unconscious” this was his answer when he was asked why he goes all the way.Alvan also said “acting starts from the mind, because thought preceeds action, so if you can think it, you can act it”.


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