Ibile peaceful Assembly convener , Mr. Saheed Mosadoluwa a.k.a has condemned the incessant invasion of the southern cabals who have now taken to kidnapping, vandalizing and raping as the order in the western region of the country.

With the account of recent kidnapping in Oyo State and Ogun State, and the open confrontation made at the second citizen of Ogun state, the Security service agents and army commander on our own soil, Mr Ibile, as he is fondly called believed that this is the height of affront and assault to the collective integrity and value of the Yoruba historical pastime.

In this vein, he has written a piece to awaken the spirit and sense of belonging to our front- liners in the Yoruba kingdom and also warn the invaders to sheath their sword and desist from inimical activities.

Read his words below;

Life has no meaning, but Mr. Ibile conclusion should not suck because every single individual would rush to peaceful revolution without the binds of governance decadence, religious or ethnic’s bullshit.

We won’t beat around the bush here: the provocative scenario fascinating by some bad elements operating some creeks in Yoruba land will lead our people to chase them out of those creeks. If they fail to desist from the act of terror and kidnapping going on in some part of Yoruba land.

We would compel our members in State Assembly to sponsor a bill to checkmate ethnics and boundaries in the Yoruba nation because the ugly incident everywhere has called for that as it is as essential to our people well-being as water, food, and air.

In whatever relationship, Yoruba people are too accommodating and failed to implement boundaries law, whereas boundaries are where some relationship end and where another relationship begins. Those who called for the government to deal with this issue are anti-action, pro-introspection; because eventually, all this introspection eats away at their very soul.

In what way can we respond to the Ijaw boys terrorizing our people, now that they are bold enough to confront the Ogun State deputy governor entourage, DSS and Army commander away on our land, kidnap our kinsmen and raping their wives?

Those animals in human cloths decide not to see anything of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of our people with the way they are dishonoring our royal fathers’ autonomy and killing freely. It is now left for us to re-affirm our people self-worth whenever matter like this arouse because if they continue their assault, we may be a force to retaliate in the deepest act of self-defense on an even grander scale, and our action would define the way we relate to our visitors.

For the Yoruba nation, our lives have transformed in countless ways because of our practice in setting and honoring the people to host by allowing other ethnics to walk all over us as people. We never stood up for ourselves and our believed.

It is time to slashes through the incessant deceit of leaders and their theatrical states of torment. I hereby call on all Yoruba youths to prioritize our safety to what other ethnics needed in our environment and stop acting chameleon, as we need to be bold beyond belief, fearless to challenge invaders; it is cleared that some of this Ijaw animals are passive nihilists with an embodiment of self-pity and self-regret.

If we do not set boundaries because of fear of what may be government take or other region are going to think and feel, we are fighting a losing battle.

It is apparent that registering our anger online is a sign of frustration which is clear indicator that the multi-ethnics boundaries are  on “threatened” despite being accommodative to Fulani herdsmen and Ijaw Boys to cross it freely in the spirit of Federalism .

We can not continue harboring a lot of anger and tend to step into rage easily (flipping people off in traffic, yelling bullet and pitch folks at our people, or worse!) this is an indication that Yoruba people have lost touch with our boundaries, Let warn Ijaw criminal residing in Ogun State not to push us to set boundaries.

There is something I don’t get clearly here when some Nigerians think it is better to support Hillary over Trump because of flimsy immigration issues. There are deeper issues that have to do with boundaries, life, and property and for those who can not read between the lines, I Audullahi Saheed Mosadoluwa will be here today to point out how Hillary Clinton poses more threat to African countries than Trump.

Hillary Clinton as the secretary of state green lighted huge arms sales to repressive countries. She’s part of those who behind the woes of Syria, Libya & Somalia. How can you exempt Hillary Clinton from the movement of weapons across West Africa, destabilization of Syria & Libya for onward to Boko Haram to create a scenario in Nigeria to force the PDP lead government to deal with a certain war equipment sellers in USA of which Mr Good-luck Jonathan turned down.

Mrs Hilary Clinton used her influence within Democrat lawmakers and the help of mass media campaign of Amnesty International to stop the preferable corporation which Nigerian Government signed a deal with, to supply our government in which that  single act of Hillary for her foster interest almost give Boko Haram upper hand to triumph on our troops before Israel came to our aid.

Hillary is part of the devilish cabals linked to all manner of evils in Nigeria and to the rest of the world!

Nigeria has just ranked 13th on the Failed States Index, Nigeria’s economy is in a basket case, and some intellectual morons think all is well and FGN choose to defend thieves,  Lt. Gen Buratai recently insulted every Nigerian who demanded answers to how he acquired his Dubai mansions. He branded Nigerians as terrorists in cyberspace but Dr. Martin Luther King has concluded it that “nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.

As the face of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, I  am charging the activate  minds of the masses to the point where the need for peaceful action is desperately felt by all to see why our campaign of peaceful revolt as a metaphor for understanding ourselves in a way that serves the whole Nigeria as a federation.

I so hold and pledge that there is no stopping point, there is no looking back; only the rising possibility of peaceful revolt lies ahead.

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