Senator Barigha Amange




Contrary to faceless group accusing Former president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan of causing unrest in PDP, Bayelsa state, Senator

Senator Barigha Amange

Barigha Amange has said that he voluntarily withdrew from the PDP because of the undemocratic manner in which the state leadership of the party conducted their primaries.

Senator Amange said the PDP in the state is already drowning, particularly with the unpopular candidates that were hand picked, as a result they should not apportion blames on Dr. Goodluck Jonathan who is an internationally recognized democrat.

He said, those dragging Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s name to the mud are singularly showing disrespect and gross insubordination, thus, appealed to Bayelsans to disregard the rumour making the round.

He advise the opposition not to use Dr. Goodluck’s name to score cheap popularity under the guise of dirty politics, because he’s now the political father of Ijaw nation and should be accorded with respect andcourtesy he desrve.

“ I have been a friend to Dr. Goodluck Jonathan before he became deputy governor of Bayelsa state. My joining a different political party does not mean I should severe our friendship”


He advised the faceless group to stop dissipating their time and energy on issues that does not exist, rather they should concentrate on selling their unmarketable candidates they have imposed on the people.