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Woman Checking Mobile Phone
Woman Checking Mobile Phone

Snapchat is many things: Fun, temporary and incredibly pointless. Launched by a group of bros ostensibly for the purpose of encouraging girls to send them nude photos, the aim of Snapchat is that the messages disappear quickly.

However, they never expected the app to pick on so quickly and be in league with other social great like ;Twitter,Facebook,Whats App and Instagram. For a simple little app with a pretty basic concept of sending and receiving media messages that disappear in a short time period, Snapchat sure has been receiving a lot of love especially from the ladies which have dubbed it the perfect platform for flirting.

Snapchat leaves no evidence because videos uploaded are timed to expire. With nearly 100 million female monthly users, Snapchat has become the perfect vehicle for people who want to derive sexual satisfaction outside their own relationships without getting caught. Snapchat stems from the allure of “secret” communication with people your partner is not aware of. While social media apps like Instagram and Facebook rely on public interaction, Snapchat operates solely behind a curtain.

In fact, according to stats from the site, female users especially flood the platform with racy pictures 30% more than their male counterparts. Women also use the site to release their inhibitions because they could request to see people’s bodies from certain angles or have strangers tell them they are sexy, and don’t think what they were doing is wrong because they never meet in person. While it’s long been known as the app where you can send sexy pics to people you like while knowing they’ll be gone in a flash, Snapchat is now being used more and more as a guilt-free way of cheating for most moments.

For men who use it as a way to get off with other ladies, they feel like they’re looking, but not touching, and therefore they deem it acceptable. In fact, according to a 2015 study published in the journal Cyberpsychology Behaviour and Social Networking found that while more people use social networks like Facebook for innocuous reasons like keeping in touch with friends, Snapchat was more often used for flirting and meeting new partners, which often prompted jealousy in romantic relationships.

In summary,Snapchat makes more women users feel comfortable that they feel like what  their doing isn’t counted as cheating — and even if it was, there wouldn’t be any evidence of it. Because Snapchat is an ephemeral messaging app, pictures can be sent back and forth between partners with a timer set, eventually theoretically fading into the ether after an allotted time frame. The app provides women especially with the ideal platform to engage in digital flirtation.

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