Sports Director of Prince Kazeem Eletu Football Club Of Lagos Island, Lateef  Ojora Ogunfowora has revealed why they lost 1-2 to Flying Eagles in a recent friendly match played in Abuja.

Ogunfowora in a chat with our correspondent said his team played better but immediately Chika Alele who played defence was removed due to injury, the team conceded two quick goals which gave Flying Eagles hard victory.

“We were still leading Flying Eagles till 70 minutes until when our dependable defender, Alele sustained injury and immediately the coach removed him, our defence was threatened and we conceded two goals to give our opponents victory,” he said.

Ogunfowora popularly known as Shevchenko commended his team for giving their opponents a run for their money saying that Flying Eagles coaching led by Ladan Bosso used different set of players to play against Lagos based club before they could win the encounter.

“Of course our team played different set of players. The players they played against us in the first half was different from the one they played us in the second half. It shows that our opponents have enough materials to use against us which we don’t have such enough materials to contend with,” he said.

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