We are indeed living in interesting times. Some diabolical people now want to impose a third rate character on the Yoruba people.

What a tragedy. But we will not take it lying down. We will fight this dirty imposition with all legitimate means possible.

If Governor Wike is returning a seasoned and well heeled party apparatchik like Secondus as the Deputy National Chairman, why is the South-South trying to foist an untried and untested aspirant like Agbaje on us ?

Secondus has spent about 17 years at the national secretariat. He knows all the ropes and all the intricate maneuverings. Is the South-West dumb and stupid to put up a political nonstarter and a crass neophyte as our candidate for the National Chairman? Secondus will eat him alive!

Please let the Yoruba make the right choice. Don’t dabble in our affairs. We know what is good for us. We are discerning and sophisticated.

We will not be led by the nose. We need a tested, trusted, experienced, knowledgeable, matured and stable administrator to steer the ship of our party.

We cannot afford to be saddled with a desperate Johnny just  come whose stock in trade is backstabbing of his benefactors. The man who has no conscience does not fear God.

We need a God fearing and conscionable administrator.Agbaje has dug his political grave. From here, it is downhill got him.


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