Angry African American couple standing back to back

There are some questions men should not ask their wives for their own good and to avoid hearing the truth they don’t really need as it may be injurious to their well being:

(1) Who do you love more between me and your dad?

What kind of question is this? It should be obvious to you, if you are great husband; she will love you more than her Dad. If you are a bad husband, she will still be missing her Dad badly.

(2) Do you want more money?

Oh, what do you expect her to say? She needs more money. Yes, give her more.

(3) If I die, will you remarry?

Are you preparing to die now? Die first and let see.

(4) Do you love my mum?

 Ah! she does; that is why she is still with her son. Don’t ask beyond that, you don’t need to know the truth.

(5) Who is better in bed between your ex and I?

 What if she wants to be truthful and says his ex is better, more solid, real acrobatic and bedroom tiger, but you a dwarf in the land of giants. What will you say? Its heart attack may kill you,

(6) Who deflowered you?

 Why are you asking? WHY do you need it for, it has nothing to add to you or I. It’s even Childish.

(7) How many men did you have sexual intercourse with before you married me?

What if she says she had lost count because they are too many? She may even give you her old diary to count the number, what will you do?  Remember that it was her private life before she ever met you; don’t raise your blood pressure.

(8) How many times did you sleep with your ex?

Indecent question. What if she says she will need to call her ex to ask for the number of times, the shock may kill you. Don’t ask.

(9) How many times have you committed abortion?

She had Children for you, so what else do you want? She has never done any abortion in her life, don’t ask.

(10) Am I the true owner of our children:

Yes, you are the true owner; it’s you or no one else. What do you expect her to say and If you are in doubt; get a DNA test.

(11) At what age did you start having sex?

What a question? Why did you ask, what will you do with that information? You don’t need it, so don’t ask If she tells you, you may go into a coma, so, let her safe you.

(12) Who is your hero, am I the one?

What if she tells you are not her hero and you can never be her hero, what will you do? What if she tells you her boss or your friend is her hero; won’t you collapse? Don’t bother your heart, don’t ask.

(13) Have you ever slept with another man since I married you.

You expect a no for an answer, yes you will get it, but please don’t press further, because you may get the shock of your life, so, don’t bother to ask, you don’t need that answer.

Pastor Bisi Adewale is a family and relationship expert; author of Secret of Irresistible Wife and more than 70 other books on marriage and family life. You can reach him on, 08068312004, 08051512823, BB: 2AF5C883.