Adedamola Docemo sacked EX-MD LASAA



No doubt Lagos State Signage and Advertising Agency(LASAA) is one of important agencies of the Lagos state before the appointment of the disgraced Ademola Docemo as Managing director/ Chief executive officer(CEO) of one time lucrative agency. In our investigation, it was learnt that Docemo was sacked before the expiration of his tenure which supposed to be four years but he had just spent three and half years due to lack of performance and has no depth of the job though he claimed to be an advertising practitioner even, it was learnt that he was equally relived of his position at E-Motion Media for unethical reason.

Our correspondent as well learnt that at LASSA most of the staff of the one’s upon a time lucrative agency before the advent of Adedamola Docemo as Managing Director/Chief Executive officer, who has been described as a man that brought bad omen to the agency. Unknown to those who appointed him that he has no record that is enviable before his appointment, it was later discovered that he was a mistake waiting to be corrected.

For instance,Docemo’s spirit of managerial ineptitude and greed rubbed off negatively on LASAA. And in three and a half years of being in the saddle, he completely destroyed LASAA by installing the culture of indiscipline, managerial incompetence, compromise of operational procedures and crass insensitivity to staff and stakeholders well-being. And for the records, if achievements and performance are put to test, Docemo shall never smell anything public office in his lifetime not to talk of moving close to the achievements of his predecessors in office.


Some of LASAA staff who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity says that Docemo is bereft of refreshing foresight ,described him as a real misfit injected into LASAA. Docemo was alleged to have destroyed sound managerial template left behind by his predecessor rather he became a greedy micro-manager that rendered all managers and relationship managers in the agency absolutely redundant. It learnt that the only thing Docemo introduced into LASAA during his inglorious three and half years spent in the agency was that of lateness to work and absenteeism from duty.

It was alleged that anybody who knows  Docemo well, will testify that Adedamola Docemo is a man that always economical with truth. It was spread in certain quarter by Docemo and his cronies that  ‘Prior to Docemo’s appointment, LASAA was literally tied to Lagos Government’s apron strings; the agency relied on government subvention to function due to revenue leakages. The investigation shows that LASAA was very healthy when it was handed over to him and the agency was never tied to the apron string of government. “Over four years before his takeover, the agency did not receive any capital vote from government., yet, the agency’s operations were very smooth and profitable”. a source from LASAA told

It was learnt that the staff of the agency are worse off today while vehicles bought by Docemo’s predecessors are in serious bad shape including the new ones procured for the agency through capital votes release,” From the records, he didn’t save a dime to procure a single vehicle for the operational use of LASAA. It is not Docemo’s fault, he doesn’t have the managerial integrity to achieve such loft things”,a depressed and frustrated staff of LASAA said this to our correspondent.




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