The Group, Ikeja Celebrates New Year party

The prominent group within Ikeja Club called The Group,Ikeja, had their new year party at the premises of Ikeja,Club, at the pool side recently.

The President of the Club Aare Muse led who- is- who is in the club to the new year party, including the executive Council of Ikeja, Club.
The coordinator of The Group,Ikeja,Aare Danjuma prayed that the group should be waxing stronger, said that the financial member of the group is forty in number.,while he welcomed the visitors ,he prayed that every member shall be in good health and move from strength to strength.

Later the number one citizen of the club,Aare Muse, says that the party is the first party of the year in the club included that many party will still come up ,wishing the member happy and prosperous new year

The immediate past President, eulogies the coordinator Aare Danjuma for his high sense of co-ordination, he went to the memory lane when he was the President of Ikeja Club,he enumerated the essence of the group which is for the development of the club generally. He
Prayed for knowledge for coordinator to carry the club to the highest level.

In his own view, Engr. Olaofe, the former president, maintained that the group was the first that will inviting trustee officially in the history of the club expresses his willingness to join the group he even donated huge some of money to the group
Chief Ayo Randle,the immediate past president, who is equally double as trustee, says that he was happy with what Engr olaofe said, though Trustee Ayo Randle is the brain behind The Group.
Another strong man of the club says he was cooped into the The group,he says that since he has been attending the group meeting,the meeting has been fantastic which makes him to be looking towards another meeting followed week, says, he loves the group.
He informed the audience that there was no competition at all,we are people of ideas and free minds.
Prince ademola adeola, who is also a strong member of the club and patron, urges members to belong to as many clubs as possible for the growth of the Ikeja Club in general.
The gov. Of Achievers, Mr.Adetiba says that this occasion is welcome development, and it says that the group has started well. Harmer that there is no any competition, says that the achievers is the nucleus of the club, though there is no competition at all,he retorted.

The deputy mayor of G-20 Mr. Richard Tetede.popularly known as TOR, spoke well about event, he equally announced some money to the group from G-20.
A female trained lawyer turned to juju musican entertained the group and guests while they all enjoyed the new year party.


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