Satguru Maharajji

The leader of One Love Family, Satguru Maharaj Ji has disclosed that there may be a change of government if President Muhammadu Buhari fails to address all the nagging issues affecting the nation.

Maharaj Ji made this known while speaking to journalists during his 73rd Physical birthday and 41st Spiritual birthday recently at Maharaj Ji Village, Ibadan.

He said, “the news on ground now is that Rev. Kukah is being accused of calling for a military coup instead of the accusers facing the substance of his message that, Mr President should wake up to face the realities on ground to make Nigerians feel him as a de-tribalized father of the nation.

“Many Nigerian leaders including Alaafin of Oyo, Sultan of Sokoto have all warned of the high rise in insecurity on the land, coupled with massive fraud in almost all sectors of the economy and the difficulties facing the anti-corruption agencies one way or the other; while the National Assembly members are calling for the impeachment of the President suggests that there may be a change of government, if care is not taken to address all the nagging issues affecting the nation,” Maharaj Ji emphasised.

The founder of One Love Family posited that “can you imagine a military government with their officials wearing agbada, school children on the roads during school hours, pornography being displayed in the public, police brutality in certain segments of the society, hospitals without drugs, banks declaring profits everyday with high interest rates, prices of food stuff rising daily etc., goes a long way to prove that Mr President as an ex-military General needs to apply some military touch to his ways of handling matters now to allow freedom of expression, opinions, movements etc., now that the foreign agencies are monitoring all his actions.

He also expressed his displeasure to the recent call for the use of mercenaries to secure Nigeria saying this is unacceptable to him just as he describes those calling for it as not only being unpatriotic but “terrorist in political garbs”.

 Maharaj Ji also called on the country leadership to note that for sustained social coherence, peace and progress, the constitutional rights of citizens to protest peacefully, without arms must be respected.

He said families of victims of #ENDSARS protest should be compensated and that those who hijacked and turned the peaceful protest into violence should be made to appear for judgement in the spiritual court.

 He called for a police reforms saying “the police have no business in meddling in land matters. Only the courts and the Kings of the land can adjudicate on land matters.

“Again, Police officers and men are to mandatorily put on name –tags with their recruitment numbers above the breast pockets of their uniforms. Any policeman found on any duty post without his uniform should be arrested and charged to court”, Maharaj Ji further said.  

 On the new year, 2021, Maharaj Ji said he foresees boom in all the sectors of the economy calling on Nigerians to rally round President Muhammadu Buhari who he said is now born again after the recent #ENDSARS protest across the country. 

 He, however, urged the President and the state governors to sit up and carry out their constitutional duties with respect to the citizenry that they are elected to govern.