jazzman1Former X-Appeal member, Jazzman Olofin in a chat with Saturday Beats has taken a swipe at those who tweet at him saying his career is dead. According to the singer, who just released a new song this week, ‘Shade’ (do google it) said anyone can sit in his/her mother’s kitchen with a N50 data and tweet anything. Below is what Jazzman said about them, music and of course women.

“I don’t read negative comments because everybody is entitled to their comments. Those people who post hate comments and say things like my career is dead are people who do not believe in themselves. Some of them have dead careers and they feel that whatever happens to them should happen to me. For you to say a person’s career is dead must mean that you are having a messed up life.

“Even if my career is dead, what is more important is that I have contributed something in this world and when I am long gone, people would still dance to my songs. Anybody can sit in his mother’s kitchen and after buying N50 worth of data, begins to tweet at anybody. There are a lot of people who did not have a career when I knew them, I thought they would not amount to anything but they picked themselves up and they are huge right now.”

He also disclosed that he was doing music at his own pace and not in a completion with anybody.

“I am not competing with anybody; when I started music, I was not competing with anybody. You come to this world, do your thing and you go. If you want to be competing with someone, it would deplete your creativity. I enjoy myself even when I am singing my old song and that is very important to me. Even when I am doing a new song, I am not competing with anybody. For me there is no competition.”

If he still gets disturbed by women, he said;

“Those were my rascal days, I am an easy going person now and I am a bit shy. I am the kind of person that if I walk into a room, I would sit down quietly. Ladies still disturb me once in a while but I don’t like to get into trouble. I like having fun with ladies by talking with them. Ladies used to disturb me a lot back in the days. If women do not like your song it would not go far because they have time for music more than men,” he said.

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